Trusted Home Care Services for Your Loved Ones

Our Mission

Trusted Home Care Services

Choosing a home care provider is a difficult, and uncertain decision. Care & Help Home Care, LLC is a trusted home care provider within the Philadelphia area that is committed to providing care that is transparent, professional, and excellent. Our large staff of caregivers are experienced and screened to be able to provide non-skilled and non-medical services for your loved ones.

A Dedicated Community Partner

The goal of Care & Help Home Care LLC’s experienced staff is to provide a high level of care to your loved one from the comfort of his or her home so they can enjoy a higher quality of life. Because each home care plan is tailored based upon individual needs, our caregivers are able to assist with various tasks. From preparing lunch to playing board games, Care & Help Home Care caregivers are here to help.


[Care & Help Home Care Agency] works very hard to understand each person’s situation and accommodate their needs in a very compassionate & caring manner. Are always a phone call away to assist any questions or concerns… I would highly recommend their services, as they have been literally a lifesaver in our particular situation.”

Susan Haines

Service Provider

How We Help


Care & Help Home Care’s companionship services removes loneliness from your loved one’s life. Our staff is very friendly, enthusiastic and caring.

Medication Reminders

Care & Help Home Care hires a professional and organized staff to faciliate your loved one in remembering to take medication as advised.

Administrative Assistance

Care & Help Home Care staff is able to help your loved ones with administrative tasks where necessary.

Personal Care

The staff of Care & Help Home Care will facilitate personal care by assisting your loved one with tasks such as bathing and dressing.

Meal Preparation

Care & Help Home Care staff is able to help your loved ones with meals by helping with cooking, shopping and cleanup.

Light Housekeeping

Care & Help Home Care professionals are here to help maintain a clean home for your loved one. Our staff is able to help with cleanup after cooking, taking out the trash and other simple cleaning routines.



Get Paid to Care for Loved Ones

Working for Care & Help Home Care, LLC allows you to spend more time with your loved ones while being compensated for your time and care.

Medicare and Medicaid Qualification

If your loved ones receive both Medicare and Medicaid or receive long-term supports through Medicaid, they may be qualified.

No Professional Skills Required

Our network of caregivers non-skilled and non-medical care to patients. There are no educational or certifiable skills required to get started.

Transferring to Care & Help is Easy

If you already work with another company to provide home care for your loved ones, please contact us to see if we can offer you a better incentive package.

Eligible Insurance Providers