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When it comes time to find care for an aging loved one, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in trying to decide the best fit for your family. There are many options to consider for this significant life change. For many families, in-home care is the best way to provide care with the least amount of change to a loved one’s lifestyle.

Here are 10 benefits of choosing senior home care services: 

1. Comfort

When you opt for senior home care, your loved one will be more comfortable in a place that is familiar to them. Keeping a routine and staying in familiar surroundings can be extremely beneficial if your loved one suffers from dementia or other conditions affecting their memory. 

2. Personalized Care

If your loved one enters residential care, they will have to adjust to the schedule and routine of the facility. With in-home care, services are flexible and can be adapted to what works best for your family.

3. Faster Recovery

Research shows that people recovering from short-term illnesses or surgery recover faster at home compared to a rehab facility. Being at home can also reduce the risk of infections resulting from exposure to germs in medical settings. Choosing home care services is one of the most beneficial ways to get your loved one back to their normal life. 

4. One-on-One Attention

Residential care facilities are often understaffed, leaving one person to care for your loved one and multiple other residents. Senior home care providers typically work with a single person and can dedicate all their attention to making sure your loved one is safe and comfortable.

5. Cost Effectiveness

Home care services are billed by the hour, so you have much more flexibility in scheduling care and managing expenses. In many cases, 24-hour live-in care can be more cost effective than some residential care facilities. As an added benefit, some insurance plans will help cover the cost of home care.

6. Peace of Mind 

Choosing senior home care helps give you peace of mind in knowing your loved one will not fall or be injured because they are alone. They are getting assistance with daily activities like showering and cooking, and have someone they can depend on to help keep them safe. 

7. Independence

One of the biggest objections people have when it comes to getting support care for seniors is the fear that they will lose their independence. With home care services, your loved one maintains control of their daily life. They continue their daily schedule, choosing when they eat, sleep, and socialize.

8. Companionship

Living alone can lead to social isolation and loneliness for older adults, which can negatively impact their health. Having someone in-home gives your loved one more opportunities for conversation and meaningful interaction, which can improve their health and wellbeing. 

9. Family Involvement

With senior home care, you are a part of your loved one’s care plan. A great home care agency will keep a direct line of communication between you and the caregiver, so you are kept up to date with your loved one’s care.  

10. Pet Ownership

Having to leave a beloved pet behind can cause people extreme distress. Remaining at home with senior care means they won’t have to part with their pet. In fact, having a pet can benefit a senior’s health by easing loneliness, reducing the risk of heart disease, and calming people with dementia. 

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