Care & Help Home Care Coronavirus Updates

Philadelphia COVID Vaccine Regulation


COVID VACCINE Religious Exemption Form (Must be filled out by Employee)


Phila Covid Regulation


Covid Sick Leave 


Care and Help Provides Free Vaccination in partnership with Qwikscript

Vaccines are administered on the weekend at Care and Help 4527 N Broad Street Location or daily at Qwikscript Pharmacy location on 7th and Lehigh Street, Philadelphia.

Please submit copy of your vaccination card to  Please call our office if you have any questions.

Thank you for continuing your highly needed work as caregivers.  You are caring and helping for a very vulnerable population, especially the elderly.  Please remember that we all have to do our part to keep ourselves, and each other healthy and safe:
  • Make sure the person you are caring for has plenty of supplies, food and water
  • If you are not feeling well (cough, cold symptoms, fever, etc…) call out.  Please make sure that if you need to call out, you give us enough time to find a suitable caregiver for your client.
  • Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds.  This is the most crucial thing you can do to help prevent transferring this virus to yourself or your client.
  • Use antibacterial sanitizer
  • You must wear masks at the office and during your work with your patient.  If you need masks for you and your patient, please stop by one of our offices and we will supply them for you.
  • Wear gloves.  If you need gloves, please stop by one of our offices and we will supply them for you.

The City of Philadelphia has issued an Emergency Order which mandates all home care agencies as well as other healthcare facilities, to have all employees to either be fully vaccinated OR get tested twice weekly if you are granted a medical or religious exemption. This department of health order is currently in effect.


Please read the following directions carefully and follow up immediately with the office.


If you are not fully vaccinated and have not received an approved religious or medical exemption, you will now be pulled from your current client(s)schedule. We are required to remove any person not in compliance with the Philadelphia Vaccine Mandate.


  • Fully Vaccinated:
    • If you are fully vaccinated and have NOT provided the office with a copy of your vaccination card, please do so ASAP.
  •         You may take a picture of the card and send it thru secure chat or stop by the office.
    • Fully Vaccinated means 2 weeks or more after the 2nd dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or 2 weeks after the 1st and only dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
    • If the office has a copy of your card and you are fully vaccinated, no further action is needed.
  • Not fully Vaccinated, or have NOT provided your copy of your vaccination card to the office:
    • You will be removed from work and placed on unpaid leave of absence until the mandate is lifted or your submit and are approved for a religious or medical exemption.


  • Not Vaccinated and not intending to get vaccinated
    • You will be removed from work and placed on unpaid leave of absence until the mandate is lifted or your submit and are approved for a religious or medical exemption.
  • Twice weekly testing:

Twice Weekly Testing Options:

  • See attached for an example of the weekly testing sites we will be sending out weekly to you all

 Take Note:

  • Testing must be completed twice in a 7 day period
  • We recommend doing the test on the same day of the week to remain in the 7 day window
  • For the local free testing sites, results may not be completed on an set schedule
    • As long as you tested within the 7 day period, you may continue to work while waiting for results
    • However, you must have emailed the office with your scheduled test to
  • If you are symptomatic at anytime between tests, you will need to call the office and will be directed on next steps


If you are still deciding to get vaccinated ,we have also included FAQ vaccination information sheet.

Thank you for your FULL cooperation in these requests.  Our clients depend on your reliability and need you to show up weekly.


We do NOT have enough staff to cover clients. If you do not comply with weekly testing, we have no choice but to pull you from shifts.

These are difficult times, and we appreciate everyone of you!  We cannot do this without you!

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