Working for a Company that Cares for Everyone

Care & Help Home Care, LLC encourages qualified caregivers willing to provide excellent care to their loved ones and those in need to apply to join our team. Although caregiver experience is preferred, it is not a requirement for applicants. We will train you in everything you will need in order to provide the standard of care for which we are trusted.

As a Care & Help caregiver, you will be in a position to help your family or other families take care of aging loved ones from the comfort of their own homes. By keeping aging loved ones in the comfort of their own homes versus placing them in nursing homes, caregivers help maintain a comfortable and familiar quality of life for patients. Our team looks to hire caring individuals willing and able to provide care services for loved ones, other elderly patients in need of home care or patients with disabilities.

Care & Help Home Care, LLC is an equal opportunity employer that will not refuse applicants based upone age, race, sex, religion, disabilities, national original or any other legally protected classes.

Benefits of Joining the Team

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Get Paid to Care for Loved Ones

Working for Care & Help Home Care, LLC allows you to spend more time with your loved ones while being compensated for your time and care.

No Professional Skills Required

Our network of caregivers non-skilled and non-medical care to patients. There are no educational or certifiable skills required to get started.

Medicare and Medicaid Qualification

If your loved ones receive both Medicare and Medicaid or receive long-term supports through Medicaid, they may be qualified.

Transferring to Care & Help is Easy

If you already work with another company to provide home care for your loved ones, please contact us to see if we can offer you a better incentive package.

Getting Started is Easy

If you currently work with another company to provide home care services for your loved one or as part of a network of caregivers, we want to talk with you. Based upon your current background and experience, getting started with working for Care & Help Home Care will be quick and simple. Contact us today with your current hourly rate and the name of the company for which you work so we can see if we can offer you a better compensation package.

Competitive Compensation & Benefits

Care & Help Home Care, LLC offers some of the most competitive compensation and benefits packages in the Philadelphia area. Contact us today to learn about how much you can be paid by taking care of those you love.

Workplace Environment

Your job will be to help your loved one or another family’s loved one maintain a comfortable and familiar day to day life from within their homes. The workplace will be that home where you may help with preparing meals, playing board games, going for walks, or leading a friendly conversation.

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