Payroll Access

To request  Payroll access please contact 267-778-9180 HR Department or
Care and Help will be moving to Mass-Pay Payroll platform effective May 8th, 2023.  Please review the information below on the new look of our Paystubs.

Care & Help Benefits

Care and Help Home Care LLC values the contributions of our employees. Please refer to the information below regarding your payroll.

Payroll Period

The payroll period is Monday thru Sunday. Paychecks are issued on a weekly basis or bi-weekly schedule based on your selection. Timesheets must be received by the coordination department no later than 5.00 pm on Monday following the week you worked.

EXAMPLE: If you worked any time this week (Monday thru Sunday), your timesheet would be due Monday of next week. NOTE: Payroll is delayed by one week.

EXAMPLE: If you worked any time this week (Monday thru Sunday), your paycheck would be issued Wednesday, two weeks from now.

Direct Deposit

You may elect to have your check deposited directly into your bank account through our Direct Deposit Program or pick up a free debit card at our office locations. You must have all paper work handed in to be eligible for Direct Deposit. Forms for Direct Deposit may be obtained by calling HR at 267-778-9180.  All payroll changes must be submitted in writing.

Payroll Deductions

Care and Help Home Care LLC will comply with all Federal, State and Local laws regarding payroll deductions. These deductions include but are not limited to:

  • Federal Withholding Tax
  • Social Security Tax
  • State Income Tax
  • Lower Moreland tax (this is a weekly deduction of $1.00).
  • Local Income Tax (if applicable)
  • We will also make voluntary deductions (medical insurance, supplemental insurance, 401k, etc) as directed.
  • We will also make involuntary deductions (child support, alimony, federal/state tax, school loans.

Office Closure and Holidays

Our offices are closed following days as long as the holiday falls on a weekday and vacation pay has to be requested through

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

PTO/Sick Leave

Eligible PTO/Sick leave must be requested in writing to and can not be carried over to the following year.  For further details on PTO/Sick Leave please review Employee Handbook located on the Employee Resources page.

Contact Us to Bring a Client / Become a Client

Send us a quick message to learn how you can get started with working with Care & Help Home Care.

A Trustworthy Home Care Provider

Care & Help Home Care, LLC is a home care provider serving the greater Philadelphia area through a network of highly experienced professionals in various fields of patient care, who coordinate and provide premium non-skilled, non-medical services to clients in the comfort of their own home. We encourage you to join our growing team so you can be paid to provide care for your loved ones and increase their quality of life.


Care & Help Home Care has partnered with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to increase opportunities for older Pennsylvanians and individuals with physical disabilities to remain in their homes. Learn more about the benefits of joining our team.

Get Paid to Care for Loved Ones

Working for Care & Help Home Care, LLC allows you to spend more time with your loved ones while being compensated for your time and care.

No Professional Skills Required

Our network of caregivers non-skilled and non-medical care to patients. There are no educational or certifiable skills required to get started.

Medicare and Medicaid Qualification

If your loved ones receive both Medicare and Medicaid or receive long-term supports through Medicaid, they may be qualified.

Transferring to Care & Help is Easy

If you already work with another company to provide home care for your loved ones, please contact us to see if we can offer you a better incentive package.