Service Specifications Disclaimer 

Care and Help Home care will not allow the following legally responsible individuals to provide personal care services:


  • Participant’s/clients spouse
  • Participant’s/clients Legal guardian
  • Participants/clients Representative Payee

·       Participant’s/clients Power of Attorney (POA)


Service specifications are strictly enforced by Care and Help Homecare LLC.


There are NO Exceptions to this Rule.

Release of Employee Information
Care and Help Home Care LLC complies with all government regulations concerning the release of employee information. When appropriate and legally indicated, Care and Help Home Care LLC will release information but ensures that the confidentiality of employee records will be maintained.

Be observant. Look for sidewalk and entryway defects as you make your visit to your client’s residence. Cracks, holes, slippery, uneven surfaces, and other surprises such as toys in the walkway may be there to greet you.

Remove hazards, if appropriate. If it’s a hazard going in, it will be a hazard coming out. If you clear a path into the residence, you will be helping to prevent an injury to yourself and others.

Wear shoes with good traction. Leather soled shoes on wet or slick surfaces are an accident waiting to happen. Snow, ice, and rain call for rubber soled or other traction shoes to keep you upright and improve your balance. As you get familiar with your work area, be sure to look for slip, trip, and fall hazards as you did outside. Look for:

  • Walkway obstructions.
  • Torn and wrinkled carpets, door mats.
  • Rugs with curled-up edges.

With your client’s permission, remove or fix the hazard, recommend it for repair, or if you can’t do anything right away, at least make a mental note to watch out for it until it can be removed.

If you have any safety concerns or issues that you would like to discuss, please feel free to call our office at 267-778-9180 or email

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A Trustworthy Home Care Provider

Care & Help Home Care, LLC is a home care provider serving the greater Philadelphia area through a network of highly experienced professionals in various fields of patient care, who coordinate and provide premium non-skilled, non-medical services to clients in the comfort of their own home. We encourage you to join our growing team so you can be paid to provide care for your loved ones and increase their quality of life.


Care & Help Home Care has partnered with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to increase opportunities for older Pennsylvanians and individuals with physical disabilities to remain in their homes. Learn more about the benefits of joining our team.

Get Paid to Care for Loved Ones

Working for Care & Help Home Care, LLC allows you to spend more time with your loved ones while being compensated for your time and care.

No Professional Skills Required

Our network of caregivers non-skilled and non-medical care to patients. There are no educational or certifiable skills required to get started.

Medicare and Medicaid Qualification

If your loved ones receive both Medicare and Medicaid or receive long-term supports through Medicaid, they may be qualified.

Transferring to Care & Help is Easy

If you already work with another company to provide home care for your loved ones, please contact us to see if we can offer you a better incentive package.

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